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Microgreens are young seedlings of vegetables, herbs, beans and grains. Harvested after 2-4 weeks of growth, they are exceptionally nutritious and provide an excellent source of health-supporting phytonutrients. Despite their small size, microgreens have surprisingly intense flavors and are used as a visual enhancement and flavor accent.  Microgreens’ delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty and dimension combined with a range of distinct flavors.

We started to grow microgreens four years ago. It was our produce of choice as it allowed us to utilize our existing greenhouse; produce the crop without additional help (just me, retired :) ) and experiment with different seeds to find our niche. Took me about a year to learn all the small tricks and techniques, and reach the confidence and quality to offer the first batch to local restaurants. Slowly we built our clientele to include almost a dozen restaurants. The demand for our weekly deliveries of fresh, quality greens grew wildly, and we were rapidly approaching the point where we would require expanded production, helping hands, and salespeople. Alas, the spring of 2020 solved our problems - the virus, quarantine, and restaurant closures abruptly curbed demand.

We are not yet fully back in the swing of things, as restaurants are still at reduced capacity, and as vibrant, fresh, and healthy as our microgreens are, chefs have more pressing matters on their mind. We still hope to bring microgreens back one day. We need to rethink our operations, maybe fine the way to individual customers; maybe offer online ordering. For now, if you like what you see here, and want to be the most impressive dinner party host around, contact us directly at 917-913-2425 at least two (2) weeks in advance and we will grow what you need!

Did I mention that they are also great in smoothies, delivering your morning dose of vitamins and phytonutrients year round...

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