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The New Kid on the Block

We met by the water. The new kid on the block - or rather on the farm - was watching me and my dog from the small island in the middle of the pond. We were on our daily walk - the only way to deal with the abundant energy of a young vizsla is to spend a couple hours outside with her, so we walk around the farm. It was the end of November 2020, so the air was still warm while we soaked in the beautiful fall colors. Usually during our walks Leda - our 18 months old vizsla - tries to run at least 5 miles, dig couple of deep holes, chase geese, ask for snacks, run away, come back and ask for more snacks.
For Leda, this little deer on the island seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a new friend.  The deer thought the same as he too decided to get acquainted with this loud stranger. So the deer swam back and they met. I was allowed to come quite close to them, as they were totally engaged and did not mind. I took lots of pictures with my phone and promised myself to start carrying a digital camera to be equipped for next “kodak moments”. 
The deer was either absolutely naive or recklessly brave - he stood his ground and after half an hour of non stop barking I had to invoke owner's authority (read - put the leash on) and walk the dog away.
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First contact! But who will be the one to swim across?..


A closer look at our visitor


Leda's boisterous greetings are met with a cautious look

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