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First Farmers Market

On the third season of Pick Your Own Flowers it became obvious that our flowers multiply very fast. Daffodils probably doubled their numbers, irises crowded their beds and lavender stood as a mini forest. We sold 50 bouquets of lily of the valley and now the fields are full of wildflowers, that probably would benefit from some cutting as well. We donated flowers, cut and composted flowers - and started to look for other distribution venues. And were saved by the bells of Farmers Market.


It is an honor that our farm was accepted to the Asbury Fresh umbrella of markets. Many thanks to the team of people who organize the crowd of bakers, makers, farmers, growers and all other creative folks into very summertime, very NJ markets. And personal thanks to Cara, the leader of the team. She is personally involved into arranging the crowd of sellers into beautiful, enjoyable markets - rain or shine. Here she is, on Sunday, July 3, - and the boots, check out the boots - it was raining the night before.


During my very first market I honestly was overwhelmed- but also found the camaraderie of my neighbors. I have to share my finds with you.

Absolutely unique pottery by Michael Brailove - I am sorry I just took glances on his vases and cups and bowls, being busy at my own stall. But I saw people coming to his table just to tell him that they own his pottery and enjoy them, or studied in his class. And I am sure they do - all creations are unique, beautiful, memorable - not some Pottery Barn products. Please check out his FB page and seek his next appearance on the market - you will not be sorry. I know I need to have his creation - just not decided what is really calling for me.


My other neighbor really surprised me with her creations. Imagine beautiful cups - the finds from antique markets, open houses and such. Usually it is just one cup left out of a whole set, or the milk jar, or a dish for butter. The owner of Calvano Created makes colorful, weird & witchy art from those finds, filling the cups with aromatic candles, decorated with flowers. Thus the lonely odds and ends of the past era got new lives, made completely unique with an artistic touch (your grandma would not recognize her favorite china), these are perfect for bridal showers, for hostess gifts, and just to treat yourself. Don’t you think these colors are impossibly delightful?

cup 1.jpg

These are my reports from the first farmer’s market of SOEL Farm. I am sure I will be there more often, both as a seller and as a buyer. Thank you, #AsburyFresh!

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