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There is a Russian proverb which literally translates as “there is no bad without good”. I like the English equivalent: “every cloud has a silver lining”. However none of these wise words helped when stubborn amaryllises in my greenhouse refused to produce a single flower and my Christmas market did not generate a single sale. The amaryllises played hardball one more month and then gave up, shoot up numerous flower bulbs and started to open into huge gorgeous flowers. And I realized that it all was leading me towards the long overdue task - open an online store on the SOEL website.

As the flowers open, I replant them into moss containers, that thankfully were stocked a couple years ago and were sitting on the shelf waiting to be used. And I bring them home to admire the flowers and to take pictures. So now my dining table is fully occupied by amaryllises and looks like a small flowers expo. I personally do not mind at all, but a couple dozen are still in the greenhouse and I am afraid to run out of horizontal surfaces very soon. Please look at our inventory - you will enjoy the beauty of these flowers for at least a month and potentially years - read instructions here. They also make a beautiful unique gift and while I do not suggest you buy them for your Valentine (roses are more traditional), please consider them for your mom, coworker, neighbor, and other people in your life.

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