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Herbal Masterclass Lavender

Lavender is in full bloom at SOEL Farm and I am glad to announce a new initiative - herbal masterclass! To be honest, we've already held a test run with a bunch of friends - and it was quite successful. The time is right, too - what could be better than lavender as the topic of an herbal masterclass. So - we decided to bring it to general public. First - allow me to introduce my friend, Gala Rokhinson, who has the most impressive training literally spanning across continents: European medical training, North American herbal training at David Winston center and South American Maya training in rainforest remedies. Read her full bio here.

I became engaged in farming on my retirement - absolutely a new career path for me, but very fulfilling and engaging. After a couple years of trying different aspects of farming looks like I firmly settled on growing flowers and herbs. The class will be outside, on the farm, very close to lavender beds. We will limit the number of participants (the main takeaway from our test run). The topic of the class - "Lavender - medicinal and culinary queen." The length will be about 2 hours, during which the participants will have a chance to cut themselves bouquets of fresh lavender, free of charge, for you to keep through the winter for culinary and medicinal experiments. Light refreshments will be served - all lavender based (think lavender lemonade and ice cream). The date is July 7th, 5 pm. The cost is $12 per person. I hope the weather will cooperate, if not - we will pick another day.

The registration to the class is on the website here, payments due at the door. We are really excited about it and hope to see you at the farm!

-- Gala and Irina

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