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Gala Rokhinson

Medicine, nature and the beauty of healing is my passion, my path, my life. Plants and their relationship to human health has always been a huge part of my professional and personal life.

Innate wisdom and healing ability of plants and ancient tradition using plants for physical and emotional and spiritual alignment has always fascinated me. As a medical doctor with a European medical training I see herbal medicine as an endless possibilities to help people not only with a physical healing but also to balance and adjust their bodies, thoughts, emotions and wellbeing. 

My herbal journey started in Belize with Dr. Rosita Arvigo where I studied herbal and traditional medicine with a renowned herbalist and teacher of spiritual healing, developing techniques of abdominal therapy after her time with Don Elijio, a famous traditional healer.

I still study and learn from her. She is a living treasure.

I also had herbal training for many years with David Winston, who is an internationally known lecturer, author and ethnobotanist. Herbal research and healing purpose of plants is his life.

My herbal trainings and diplomas include:


Herbalist training program at David Winston’s center for herbal studies with David Winston

Therapeutic class at David Winston’s center for herbal studies with David Winston

Rainforest Remedies in Clinical Practice, Herbal Intensive with Dr. Rosita Arvigo

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Professional training with Dr. Rosita Arvigo

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