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Sad to realize that modern conveniences are stealing our memories and moments. Let me explain. You plan to go on vacation. Say, a trip that requires a lot of planning. You pore over travel books and forums, you put your itinerary together, day by day. It comes together nicely, you have a great trip, take lots of pictures. What happened with spreadsheets of your planning? With your precise itineraries? Most likely they will be lost in a year or two - gone with an old computer, with lost notebook, buried under the piles of other documents. Your small finds on the way, your impressions and discoveries, even your failures that you did not capture as you traveled - they will disappear even faster.

Same with pictures - yes, they are on the cloud all right. But is it easy to find one when you need it? The convenience of digital cameras and cell phones allowed you to take literally thousands of pictures - but could you reach out for the best couple pics of your trip to Paris a couple years ago? Do you still have the contact of the wonderful guide you hired? Remember the small cozy restaurant next to your hotel that you really want to visit again? You get the drill, right?

Well, stay tuned - we are about to unveil the “ Travel” section at SOEL.

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