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Goslings and generation gap

So it happened again - in spite of quarantine, coronavirus and rainy spring - 2 pairs of geese put nests on the small islands in the middle of the pond. And 2 brave mamas started their long journey to bring the new generation of Canadian geese to this world. One lucky pair of parents saw their heirs hatched yesterday. Another patient parents are still in labor - mama on the nest, papa proudly protecting her

And later sunny Saturday morning goslings were taken to the lawn where we, humans, were allowed a first peek. I used my binocular and counted 6 adorable yellow grayish chicks running around under parents. 6! Excellent!!

But later the same day, with grandkids visiting, we only counted 4.

“BAD PARENTING! YOU ALREADY LOST 2 KIDS!!” immediately reacted my 10 years old granddaughter. She is very smart and also has a good sense of humor, but I did not detect much of the later.

“Survival of the fittest” - I thought at the same time but wisely did not offer (Oh, the self discipline in dealing with our kids and grandkids! You hold your tongue, nod to all their socialist theories and try to understand and share their views on the world).

And thus Mr. C. Darlin and Mr. H. Spencer lost 0:1 to the NYC Department of Education. Enjoy the spring! Mind the generation gap!

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