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Christmas Cheer

Dear customers of SOEL Farm!

I want to send you all the very best wishes at the end of 2022. Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate - Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Day - let’s finish this year in good health, in joyful spirits, with our friends and families.

Some news about our farm. We continued to expand the “pick your own flowers” business and planted 7 beds of peonies. Do you know that herbaceous peonies are propagated not by seeds, rhizomes, or roots, but by crowns. This alone elevates them to the higher flower rank in my view. We bought all the crowns for our new beds at the local NJ “Peony’s Envy” farm. Been there? If not, please visit them this spring - it is an absolutely charming place. I hope our new plants will be strong and vigorous - they surely came from a good home.

Care to Dance Bearded Iris
Care to Dance

We are bringing new varieties of irises to our field. As a tease for the coming spring meet “Care to dance” and “Rio Rojo”. I can’t wait to see them in full bloom!

Rio Rojo Bearded Iris
Rio Rojo

And we expanded the hyacinths collection, as many customers were interested in early aromatic hyacinths.

Another achievement of 2022 was our farm debut on the farmers market! We joined Asbury Fresh for a lavender sale and haven’t looked back. In winter our farm was on the BellsWorks market, selling amaryllises…. Well, that part did not go as planned, but let’s not dwell on failure. More about it later, when the stubborn amaryllises of this year finally decide to bloom.

From the very bottom of my heart, I wish my customers, followers, and readers across all social channels the very best in 2023. And as a citizen of the world, I wish for the end of the shameful Russian invasion, and for peace in Ukraine.


Irina Rips for SOEL Farm

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