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Why These Chairs Are Red:
Our Mission Statement

canadian chairs.jpg

Our visitors probably have noticed the bright red chairs in a field of daffodils. They are comfortable, inviting, and look like reclining Adirondack chairs. Unfortunately, they are made of recycled plastic, but this lets me move them around a lot: parked by the most aromatic bed of flowers in the Spring, repositioned for optimal cloud-gazing, or following the Little Prince's advice, watching the sunset all day long.

But why red? What prompted me to pick such a stark red, as opposed to a soothing blue, harmonious green, or a sunny yellow?

I was following our neighbors over at National Parks Canada. In 2017, as a celebration of Canada's sesquicentennial anniversary, Parks Canada added a little red accent to their land in the form of 102 red Muskoka, or Adirondack chairs to select National Parks and Historic Sites.

I saw them the following year, and when we were hiking through British Columbia and Alberta, and have to admit it was a fantastic promotion for Canadian tourism. As soon as we saw the first chairs and read the plaque, we were hooked, and now look for them in every park we visit.

So this was my inspiration - as I borrow their sitting arrangement idea, I am also borrowing their mission statement. After all, what is a FARM without a MISSION STATEMENT these days, right?

"Connect with nature in the SOEL Farm’s most unique and treasured places. Whether it’s a place to rest after a leisurely stroll between our flower beds or to admire your fresh bouquet  of flowers, our red chairs offer a place to slow down, to relax and to truly discover the best that SOEL Farm has to offer."

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