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End of Season 23

We are halfway through the summer and - aside from a couple of days of heat wave last week - it's been not bad. Rained fairly often, lots of mushrooms and plenty of berries growing in the woods. Pick Your Own Flowers season is over for 2023 - long gone are the daffodils, their bulbs safely in the ground, iris beds are being tidied up, and the last of the lavender and oregano (they surprisingly put on a nice show of flowers at the end of lavender) were cut for CentraState nurses. We had our very first master class about lavender - teamed with herbalist Gala R., we tasted some recipes (lavender ice cream, yum!), did a bit of crafting - all of the above still to be published, now that I supposedly have time on my hands. So please, keep an eye out foremails from SOEL Farm, register for our next masterclass, read our blogs, share your recipes  and most importantly, stay healthy and happy!

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