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Basil loves warmth and sun; I imagine it magically converts these ingredients into flavor. Microgreen Basil will deliver intense flavor to your salad in the middle of winter... but it does take its time. Featured image is 3 weeks old.

Sweet Italian Basil

  • We do not take orders through the website yet. Please call Irina at 917-913-2425 to coordinate delivery. Free Delivery Free Delivery to locations within 20 miles radius of Millstone, NJ!

    We grow microgreens in 'take-away' containers. Each container has holes punctured at the bottom. They will continue to grow in your kitchen after delivery; you can harvest only what you need and allow the rest to continue growing. Weekly schedules insure microgreen freshness.

    • Care for your microgreens after delivery by setting the container on a flat dish or on a large tray
    • Water the microgreens by filling the dish or tray with 1/4-1/2" of water.
    • The microgreens will absorb the water evenly from the bottom.
    • Water microgreens every 2-3 days for about 30 minutes
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