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Is it aromatic? Yes! How about colorful? Yes!
With its feathery bronze leaves and stems, these microgreens have a mild fennel flavor. While its reluctant to drop its seeds, after 10-14 days they are soft and fragrant. Add sweet, fennel flavor to desserts and color to light-colored fish. I grow it in abundance throughout the vegetable garden, so I have plenty of seeds to harvest for microgreens each year.

Bronze Fennel

  • We do not take orders through the website yet. Please call Irina at 917-913-2425 to coordinate delivery. Free Delivery Free Delivery to locations within 20 miles radius of Millstone, NJ!

    We grow microgreens in 'take-away' containers. Each container has holes punctured at the bottom. They will continue to grow in your kitchen after delivery; you can harvest only what you need and allow the rest to continue growing. Weekly schedules insure microgreen freshness.

    • Care for your microgreens after delivery by setting the container on a flat dish or on a large tray
    • Water the microgreens by filling the dish or tray with 1/4-1/2" of water.
    • The microgreens will absorb the water evenly from the bottom.
    • Water microgreens every 2-3 days for about 30 minutes
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