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Tomato Seedlings!

The daffodils are almost gone - just a couple of beds of white narcissuses are trying to fill the whole field with their aroma and mostly succeed, especially in the morning. However, if you are already bitten by a gardening bug - there are some tomatoes to pick-up. I usually plant lots of extras, anticipating that some would fail - but this year all of the seedlings are doing just great! 

Below is the list and description of the different tomatoes available. The pot is $2 - and some carry 2+ seedlings.  Please call 917-913-2425 to pick up those that will be producing excellent tomatoes for you the whole summer.

Brandywine hybrid
Brandywine's luscious, heirloom flavor are described as very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy." The large fruits, often over 1 lb., have a deep pink skin and smooth, red flesh. The medium-tall, potato-leaf plant is best staked or caged.
Slicing Tomato Chianti Rosa
This big, beautiful beefsteak tomato with fabulous flavor is a cross between the famous pink Brandywine and a treasured family variety from Italy. Juicy, flavorful and heavy in the hand, Chianti Rose tomatoes are thin skinned with smooth, creamy flesh and glowing rosy-red color. The strong vigorous vines with potato leaf foliage tolerate cooler summers and are more crack-resistant and uniform than other large fruited heirlooms.
Mushroom Basket
75 days. A favorite variety, introduced from Russia. One of the most beautiful and attractive tomatoes we have ever grown. It is very ribbed and pleated, but otherwise very uniform, large and perfect looking, being a vibrant watermelon-pink color with cream colored speckles that really make the fruit sparkle and glisten. Short, indeterminate plants produce a large mass of these fruit in a thick clustered area in the center of the plant. The flavor is sweet, mild and good; flesh is firm and the seeds are very few.
Crazy Berry Cherry
75 days. Pale yellow cherries are delicious, and grow on some of the largest clusters known! Sweet fruit is oval, each with a tiny “beak” at the blossom end. Flavor is good, the fruit keeps well, and the sight of the 20- to 40-fruit trusses on the large plants is positively mind-boggling. A stunning new Wild Boar Farms release.
The Roma tomato or Roma is a plum tomato popularly used both for canning and producing tomato paste because of its slender and firm nature. Commonly found in supermarkets in some countries, Roma tomatoes are also known as Italian tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes
Bradley Tomato Produces a Compact, Bushy, determinate Plant. Fruit ripens at The Same time, Making it a Great Variety for Canning and Freezing. The Bradley Tomato is one of the all time Southern favorites! This tomato variety is a reliable, productive plant that has fairly good cover, producing attractive, smooth pink fruit with a tasty mild flavor. Bradley is a disease resistant variety released in 1961 by Dr. Joe McFerran of the University of Arkansas.,
Moskvich' translates to "inhabitant of Moscow", paying homage to the area where it was bred in the early 1970s. After a winter without homegrown tomatoes, it will be the first one you will harvest, as it withstands cool weather. At the end of the hot summer when temperatures cool off, it is the last to slow down in production of full-size, garden-fresh fruit.
Peron Sprayless
Medium size semi-determinate bushy vines are very resistant to fungus diseases common to tomatoes. Foliage is semi-dense. A very heavy yielder of large size, slightly flattened globular fruits of the most extraordinary quality. Interior of fruits very solid and meaty, without any core. Very small and numerous seed cells, form a perfect fruit structure. Flavor is mildly acid and of a most delicious taste. Fruits keep exceptionally long after ripening. The Peron tomato is called sprayless because it will produce a normal crop of quality fruit in most areas without any disease control.
Martha Washington
Vigorous plant produces large, globe-shaped pink tomatoes with the look and flavor of pink heirloom types. Fruits are loaded with incredible flavor and great for slicing. Indeterminate vines bear fruit until frost.
Rio Grande Roma
A 'Roma' type variety, the Rio Grande tomato produces smooth, meaty, elongated, red fruits weighing approximately 100 to 175 g. Nice sweet flavor. It can be eaten raw, but it is also popular for making tomato paste and sauces.
Amish Paste
Best-selling paste tomato Bright red fruits grow to 8-12 ounces. Fruits vary in shape from oxheart to plum Juicy and meaty flesh. ,Excellent for sauce or fresh eating Indeterminate - Fruit ripens throughout the season. 85 days from transplant
Marianna Peace
One of the best-tasting tomatoes out there. The outstanding rich flavor of sweet and acid with a dense creamy texture. If you love Brandywine, this one will surely put up a challenge to its recognition as the “Best tasting heirloom” tomato. The Marianna's Peace Tomato comes from Czechoslovakia and is said to be passed down since the early 1900s. The name and history come from the story of Marianna. She was a young girl who escaped capture in WW2. After a decade of losing contact with her family, they finally reunited. Before her father died he gave her these seeds as a gift. Late season, pink beefsteak type with potato leaves
German Pink
A Bavarian heirloom, German Pink produces large, deep pink fruits weighing in at one to two pounds each with a big, sweet-tart Tomato flavor and a meaty texture.
House Momotaro tomato
This hybrid is the dominant fresh market tomato grown in Japan. It is one of the most perfect, attractive, deliciously sweet tomatoes available. An extra early variety indeterminate vine-type, it is vigorous, has medium sized leaves, a medium short internode, and 6-7 fruits per cluster. Momotaro is durable, heat tolerant, and crack resistant with good storability. Indeterminate
Orange Brandywine
80 days. The latest member of Brandywine family and some say the best pure orange beefsteak available. Potato leaf plants produce enormous yields of meaty, 1 pound fruits that have a superb flavor and a nice smooth texture. Enjoy fresh in salads, salsas and more. Indeterminate.

20 Stillhouse Rd, Millstone, NJ 08535 where you can still find us! Bring your kids, walk along the flower beds, take pictures, pick gorgeous flowers and wonderful seedlings. 25% of all proceeds this year will be donated to help Ukraine.

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Irina Rips, owner

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